European electricity companies will strive to achieve a carbon-neutral power supply by 2050, work for an integrated European electricity market that will deliver power cost-efficiently and reliably, and promote energy-efficient electricity applications as a key part of the solution to the great energy-climate challenge. This is the core of a Declaration handed over to EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs by sixty electricity Chief Executives.

The CEOs explained to Mr Piebalgs their view that to achieve this means deploying all economic low-carbon power generation options, developing a single European market through progressive regional integration, and engaging with customers and regulators to ensure take-up of energy-efficient electro-technologies. They called on the Commissioner and his fellow European policymakers to ensure a framework conducive to attaining these objectives.

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European Union plans to re-write the rules of a $6 billion scheme that pays developing nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions risks stalling climate investment.

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China’s top climate change official rejected as protectionist on Wednesday a U.S. idea to put tariffs on some imports.

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European utilities will seek to become carbon neutral by 2050, as they commit to adopt new technologies to cut greenhouse gas emissions, an association representing European utilities said.

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The European Commission wants the ICT sector to cut its CO2 emissions by 20% before 2015 in exchange for the benefits the industry is expected to reap from EU legislation on smart technologies to tackle climate change.

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